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Who We Are

The WESTLAKE SAILING FOUNDATION, a 501 ( c ) (3) corporation, supports youth and adult sailing at all levels within WESTLAKE LAKE IN WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA.
The Foundation also supports, national and international sailing at all levels. In addition the Foundation supports the rules and regulations and the missions of Westlake Lake Management Association the owner of Westlake Lake and Westlake Yacht Club, which sponsors sailing activities and sailing programs on Westlake Lake.


One of the purposes of The WESTLAKE SAILING FOUNDATION is to instruct and train individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities in sailing. The Foundation will expend a substantial amount of its resources in developing programs in conjunction with Westlake Yacht Club. It will expend a portion of its resources to provide assistance to qualified sailors taking part in local, national and international sailing events.

The Westlake Sailing Foundation will focus on:

1. Junior Sailing Program

2. Support of Scholastic Sailing from Agoura and Westlake High Schools

3. Support for training instructors

4. Support of competitive sailing

5. Support the efforts of sailing programs for the handicapped and the U.S Olympic Sailing Team

6. Increase quality of equipment and other resources on Westlake Lake

7. Keeping Westlake Lake a safe and clean lake for sailors.
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